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It's like a credit score for your SaaS product

Make your product data truly actionable with Sherlock’s unique Product Engagement Scoring engine.  Bring your sales, customer success, and marketing teams the clarity they need.

Score product qualified leads, get ahead of churn risks, and never miss an opportunity in your product-led business.
We had to rethink our entire sales and CS approach with our product-led business.
With Sherlock, we have great engagement data flowing across the org - making this a reality!
Peter Preston, Growth @thinktilt

The first and only

Product Engagement Scoring Platform

It's great having an at-a-glance overview of account & user-based engagement with a smart scoring system.
Sherlock insights are a must-have for any SaaS business!
Wijnand Meijer,
Co-founder & CEO @TrueClicks

Like analytics, only actionable

Is traditional analytics delivering more questions than answers?
It’s no secret that the “actionable” insights of traditional analytics tools don’t give customer-facing teams anything they can act on. Time to change that. Sherlock gives your Sales and CS teams clear metrics instead of dizzying reports so they can focus on what matters — taking users from trial to forever.

Like lead scoring, only modern

Wish you knew which trials were product qualified?
Modern SaaS is a try-before-you-buy world. Ditch the MQLs and SQLs for a lead qualification model that highlights leads that will convert. Sherlock tracks engagement and activation over time so your Sales team can focus on product qualified leads and stop chasing dead ends.
Everything you need to know about product qualified leads
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Like a Customer Success tool, only smarter

It’s time to make your CS practice more proactive.
You don’t need another CRM. You certainly can’t settle for static health scoring. Sherlock gives modern Customer Success teams the insights they need to stay ahead of churn and actually drive growth. That means they can can focus on what matters — keeping the customers happy.
“Before Sherlock, we had a sense of what was going on, but we didn’t have any real evidence. Team conversations were around what we thought was happening. Now we talk about what’s actually happening, which means there’s no more guesswork and scaling is so much easier.”
Chrissie Smith, Head of Operations at HANDS HQ

Are you ready to align your SaaS operations around Product Engagement?