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Turn Your Data into Product Qualified Leads

Got a free trial? Tracking engagement over time drives PQLs. That’s how modern SaaS businesses qualify leads. That’s how modern SaaS businesses convert leads. (You are a modern SaaS business, aren’t you?)

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Score trial accounts & users. Get Product Qualified Leads.
Sherlock turns your complex product data into three understandable metrics. You turn those metrics into customers.

Choose criteria and get notified when a trial user is ready to convert.

Choose key events. We calculate a score. You know who’s a PQL.

Launch features. See who’s using them. Adjust.

Understand users and accounts at a glance
Easily tell whether a customer is activated, engaged, or have adopted your features

Get a bird’s eye view on your users and accounts

Create segments of your best and worst customers and rank them by activation, engagement, adoption, active users, and more. Get clarity on who needs help, and who is ready to expand. 

Push scores to the tools you’re already using

Leverage Sherlock scores in your existing tools to power your team’s sales and support efforts. Convert activated prospects, expand engaged customers, or educate slow adopters — using the workflow your team is already familiar with.

Report on engagement at the product level
Measure key leading indicators to ensure your product is delivering value to customers before they slip away

Simple setup – just tell us what’s important
Create engagement scores by simply rating each of your important product actions. Sherlock does the rest.

“Sherlock has become our system of record for user and (more importantly) account engagement. Before Sherlock, we were doing this internally – which quickly broke with growth. Sherlock is helping us plan our operations, making it easier for us to help our customers at every stage get value from our product.”

Sam Mcdonnell, Co-Founder and Head of Customer Success at Sitemate

Sherlock powers your entire organization

Customer Success
Prioritize and manage accounts more effectively

Understand which features are driving engagement

Uncover trial accounts that are ready to purchase

CEO & founders
See changes in engagement daily and over time

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