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The best way to measure user, account and product-level engagement.

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"Focusing on the right work is critical for us as we grow. Sherlock helps us prioritize the right accounts, build the most important features and engage customers struggling to adopt." - Wade Warren – Founder,

Create a custom user engagement score

Your product is unique. With Sherlock you can craft your own personalized engagement score by telling us which user actions are most important.

Scoring events helps us create a much richer metric than simply counting logins or measuring time in-app.

Score Config
Ranked Users

Magically uncover a ranked list of your users

With Sherlock, you can finally get a clear, complete picture of your user engagement. Get a full, ranked list of all your users and understand what is driving their engagement. Finally answer the most important question for any SaaS business:

  • Who are my best users?
  • What makes them great?
  • How do I make more?

Understand engagement at the account-level

One of the biggest challenges of a SaaS business is to understand engagement at the account-level. With Sherlock, you will:

  • Uncover a ranked list of your accounts
  • Discover the most (and least) engaged users on each
  • Be able to drive essential customer success and/or account-based marketing efforts based on account engagement.
Account-based Engagement
Account-based Engagement

Compare engagement across segments

One of the best ways to understand the engagement of your product is by comparing engagement levels of specific segments of users.

Sherlock automatically creates segments based on user engagement levels, but you can also create custom segments based on any activity or demographic trait (trial users versus paid users). Comparing these populations will give you essential insights into your product’s engagement.

Track overall product engagement over time

With Sherlock, you can track the average engagement of your product over time. This product engagement score will quickly become a standard KPI for your business.

When you track engagement over time, you can understand if your new features, or your new onboarding, or your new designs are actually driving engagement with your product.

Product engagement over time

Push Sherlock scores and segments to your favorite tools - take action and drive more engagement

Your Sherlock scores will quickly become an essential part of your operations. By pushing this data to your other tools, will can:

  • Qualify trial accounts for your sales team
  • Allow CS to prioritize and adjust their support efforts based on engagement levels
  • Drive smarter marketing programs for onboarding, retention and growth
  • Give product the best candidates for research/feedback
  • Create look-alike programs to attract more of your top users
  • and much more…

Don't let engagement be a guessing game.