Get your product data in your CRM

The most important data in your CRM - is not in your CRM.

Make your entire product-led stack smarter and more actionable with key product engagement insights. Don't let your teams work in the dark!
We had to rethink our entire sales and CS approach with our product-led business.
With Sherlock, we have great engagement data flowing across the org - making this a reality!
We had to rethink our product-led stack, now SHerlock and engagement insights sit the middle of everything.
Peter Preston, Growth @thinktilt
Peter Preston, Growth @thinktilt

CRMs weren't built for product data.

Sherlock translates your product-data into simple metrics that make your CRM useful.

It's great having an at-a-glance overview of account & user-based engagement with a smart scoring system.
Sherlock insights are a must-have for any SaaS business!
Wijnand Meijer,
Co-founder & CEO @TrueClicks

You don't need another CRM -  just a smarter one

Give your go-to-market teams the engagement data they need to do their job - without needing to invest in another, heavy CRM.

Engagement scores, trends, Activation rates, and one place!

Build a seamless Product-Qualified Lead process

Wish you knew which trials were product qualified?
Modern SaaS is a try-before-you-buy world. Ditch the MQLs for a lead qualification model that highlights leads that will convert. Sherlock tracks engagement and activation over time so your Sales team can focus on product qualified leads and stop chasing dead ends.
Everything you need to know about product qualified leads
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Stay proactive with key CRM automations

Let Sherlock provide the key product engagement data that drive essential CRM workflows and automations.

Less time fishing for insights, more time taking action.
“Before Sherlock, we had a sense of what was going on, but we didn’t have any real evidence. Team conversations were around what we thought was happening. Now we talk about what’s actually happening, which means there’s no more guesswork and scaling is so much easier.”
Chrissie Smith, Head of Operations at HANDS HQ

Are you ready to align your SaaS operations around Product Engagement?