Most SaaS business are account-based. That is to say, most SaaS products are built to be used by a collection of users, teams or even entire organizations. But tracking engagement data at the account level is difficult.

At Sherlock it’s our goal to make your product engagement data as accessible and useful as possible. We know that user-level engagement insights are key, but that for 99% of you account-level insights are just as – if not more in some cases – important.

Sherlock has always offered account based engagement scoring, but over the past month we’ve put a lot of time in upgrading our Account detail page.

The new and improved Account detail page

From the ‘Account’ tab (or via search), click into an individual account and see:

  • Total users vs active users
  • Account Tenure
  • Activity breakdown
  • Account engagement score over time (both average and total score)

Insight into account engagement and which users are driving that engagement is a key component to your CS, Sales and Marketing efforts. To learn more about this new view, check out our help doc here.

If you’re already a Sherlock user then make sure you check it out and if you’re not a user – what are you waiting for!? Start your free trial or book a demo!

As always we will continue to work hard to make Sherlock the best product possible. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!