You already loved Sherlock’s Slack Alerts for your PQL process. Now we’re taking that a step further with Sherlock Actions. All you need to do is set up an Action in Sherlock, forget about it and we’ll take care of the rest.

There’s Actions for apps like Hubspot, Intercom and Slack, sure. But if you really want to change the way you work, there’s our Zapier Action (courtesy of Webhooks). If you’ve never used Webhooks, start with this help doc.

Ready to to put your product qualified lead process on steroids? Here are 5 of our favorite Sherlock + Zapier Actions:


Let’s start simple. Todoist lets you create tasks. In some sense, maybe everything you do is a task. But following up on PQLs? That’s definitely a task.

Set up an Action flow in Sherlock so a new task is automatically created every time someone becomes product-qualified and you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with a lead that will actually convert.

Bonus points if you set up a task for leads that are close to becoming PQLs but haven’t quite gotten there yet. You’ll want to (gently) prod them into finishing those last few steps to first value.


Sometimes a full out task management system is too much to manage. Maybe you like to keep it simple. Maybe you’re the sort of person that just wants an email when someone finally hits that Activated status. From there, you can filter them to another box, send them an email or reach out however you choose.

With Sherlock + Zapier + Gmail, you can have all that happen automatically. Well, you’ll have to reach out and do the demo, but all that process stuff will happen automatically. That leaves you more time to do what you do best — close deals.

While we don’t recommend sending emails directly to your leads through this setup, it is something you could do if you’re feeling brave. Want a better product engagement-based email outreach flow? Sherlock’s got you covered.


You already know we have a direct Action for Hubspot (or you do now), but Hubspot isn’t the only CRM on the block. With Sherlock + Zapier, you can connect to any CRM on Zapier’s platform. Create leads, mark them as Activated and manage them however you see fit — and do it all where your team already lives.


Still using Airtable to manage leads? With Sherlock + Zapier + Airtable, you can add Activated trials (or not) to a spreadsheet, categorize them as Activated and know exactly where everyone stands at a glance.

Then, when you’re looking for trials to reach out to, all you have to do is scan the list, find the ones that are Activated and 💥— you’ve got a list of trials that are already in love with your product.


Wondering if a new account is fully Activated? One of your key accounts adding new users? Worried you’ll miss a score change? You need a Zapier + Slack integration.

Just kidding. Whatever product engagement alert you need, we’ve already got. Use Actions to set up realtime, customizable product engagement alerts directly from Sherlock.

With Sherlock Slack Alerts, you never miss an Activated trial

Now that’s Sherlock smart.