Winter is coming, so the Sherlock team is generating its own heat by pushing features at a blistering rate! We continue to inch toward our goal of making Sherlock an absolutely indispensable part of every SaaS stack.

To that end, we have a few nice releases this week:

Intercom company integration

This was one of our most requested features and we’re excited to be able to release it. Thanks to our users for continuing to push us on this. Also, a special thanks to the Intercom team for working with us on this one. This wasn’t as straightforward as we expected it to be and we appreciate their team being flexible.

With this release, when you connect your Sherlock account to Intercom, you will ship over both Account Segments and Account Scores to Intercom.

You can add these segments and scores to your Intercom ‘Company’ views by selecting them in the attribution selection box:

That will allow you to always see these scores and segments in your Company views:

Not only will this allow your team to get amazing context on each one of your accounts while working in Intercom, but will also allow you to use Sherlock scores and segments to target users in your messaging. For example:

  • Email users who belong to an account with an engagement score above 50
  • Email all users on an account who are in the “New trial, not activated” segment
  • Email congratulations email to all users on a newly “Paid account” segment
  • Show pop-up to all users on an account that hasn’t entered “Used feature X” segment
  • and more…

You can learn more about using the Intercom integration here.

Additional account segment filters – number of users

We also had many requests for the ability to segment accounts based on the number of total or active users on the account. So, we added that to our filter options:

With this, you can create segments of accounts that have a lot of users, or very few users. Target accounts with only one user with a message to add more. Or create a segment of accounts with more than one user – but only one active user – as a precaution. Those are risky accounts!

See all-time activity for users and accounts

Sometimes, it’s very important to see a user or account’s activity over their entire lifetime – but very often hard to find. Sherlock has now made that very easy.

On any user or account detail page, you can now toggle the date of the Activity Breakdown to ‘Ever’ – allowing you to see what events have been triggered by that user/account over all-time (at least since you have been using Sherlock). No longer do you have to wonder – “Did this account ever do XYZ?” Just toggle and discover!