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There’s no time to hunt for clues — start winning the game of SaaS with realtime product engagement alerts in Slack. They’re collaborative and fully customizable (none of that instant, one-size-fits-all stuff), so you stay focused on what matters. Product engagement.

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We’ve got an alert for that

Wondering if a new account is fully activated? There’s a product engagement alert for that. One of your key accounts adding new users? There’s an alert for that too. Worried you’ll miss a score change? You guessed it — we’ve got an alert for that.

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Activated Trial: Time to Call

They set up a trial so they could give your product a go. You gave them some breathing room, but now they’re activated. Time for you to make sure they get the most out of their trial so they’re primed for conversion when it’s over.

activation product engagement alert
new user product engagement alert

New User: Time to Onboard

Hurray, a new user just joined an account! Make sure they understand how to use your product so they’ll be singing its praises when it’s time to renew. Just another way Sherlock’s product engagement alerts make sure no one gets left hanging.

Score Change: Time to Expand…
Or Stop Churn Before It’s Too Late

Don’t miss an upsell opportunity — a score increase could indicate it’s time to reach out and talk about expanding the account. (Who doesn’t love another excuse to ring the gong?)
Seeing some red scores instead? Lucky they came just in time for you to save the account. Phew!

score increase product engagement alert
score decrease product engagement alert

Segment Entered: Time to Get Organized

Smokin’ Hot, Stone Cold, some other segment you came up with last week to monitor product engagement with a new feature — segmentation lets you to organize your customer base. That means you’re reaching out at the right time, with the right message. Always.

segment product engagement alert

Need Your Own Parameters: Time to Customize

We know every business is unique, which is why we didn’t develop an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solution. Use custom logic (don’t worry, it’s a dropdown) to create product engagement alerts for anything and everything product engagement. Inactive accounts, key feature adoption, even cancellation — now you’ve got an alert for that.

custom product engagement alert

Done hunting for clues?

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