In today’s game of SaaS (you know it’s a game, right?), success depends on knowing what’s going on in your business. And acting on that information — fast. Not sure how? Enter Sherlock’s product engagement Alerts.

Now customer facing teams at any SaaS business can stay on top of how users are engaging (or not engaging) with the product in real time.

Product engagement alerts? Curious, but of what would I need to be alerted? 

A remarkable question, indeed. There’s a lot of engagement alerts your team might welcome — some unique to your SaaS business, some not. Here are few game-winning no-brainers to get you started:

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #1: New account sign-up

There is no greater rush (except perhaps the one felt by Sherlock when a fresh stream of liquified opium kissed his bloodstream after an extended stretch of abstinence) than seeing a new account signup for your product. They love us! What better affirmation of your collective efforts? 

This one is for sharing. Set it up. Celebrate. Pop the champagne. But, wait, don’t forget about the account! Make sure you’re moving them toward a more significant commitment. 

By the way, once you’re getting too many signups for a realtime alert (it’ll happen!), you may want to set up a daily summary for all the good news. 

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #2: Account converts to paid

Well done, my friend! You converted that trial too paid. Push this product engagement alert to a group channel and let the GIF party begin.

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Your team when you get this alert

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #3: New users added to existing accounts 

Don’t let these ones fall through the cracks. New users added to your existing accounts might not have been critical to the account converting to paid, but they’re going to be critical for retention. These are the people using your product. If they’re not onboarded correctly, you can kiss your retention revenue goodbye. 

Instead of ignoring these users, set up an alert for your CS team so that they can not only become aware of these new users, but can reach out and give them a great initial experience with your product. 

**Bonus! Set up this alert for your trial accounts as well Adding new users to a trial is a strong signal of activation and potential conversion. 

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #4: Trial accounts become activated

PQL! We’ve got a PQL!

Got some people on free trials? You need to know when these accounts become activated. Well, if you want to hit your sales number. When a trial account becomes activated, someone should be reaching out — or at least strategizing the next step in the sales process.

Don’t miss the opportunity. Set up an alert for when an account becomes fully (or partially) activated.

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #5: An account’s engagement score drops significantly

This one’s not great, but it’s not a prescription for doom either. A drop in the engagement score of any account is an important signal of potential trouble. Set up an alert for whenever a key account’s engagement drops more than, say, 20 points so that your customer success team can do something about it. There’s still time to stop the churn.

SaaS Alert #6: Account becomes inactive 

A drop in engagement score is one thing — you can recover from that. Complete inactivity is another (it’s definitely worse). A completely inactive account is a churn threat of the highest order — a true emergency. This alert may give you one last chance to save an account.

Learn More about Sherlock’s Product Engagement Alerts

SaaS Alert #7:  When an account’s engagement score increases significantly

Time to celebrate again. A rise in an account’s engagement score is a great signal for the health of the account — and, you guessed it, a great signal they’re ready to expand. Set up this alert and get your customer success team on top of your best accounts so they can start expanding.

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #8: Key feature adoption

You spent months on that new feature — users have to love it, right? See how and where it’s being adopted in real time by setting up this product engagement alert. The product people in your #product channel will be thrilled and, more importantly, they’ll know which features are being used and which aren’t. That’s more information for the next one!

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #9: When account triggers at-risk features

Many products have features that indicate someone’s going to drop out. We’re looking at you data exports, paused messages and deleted projects. You know you have the actions. You know you don’t want people to use them. Don’t you wish you knew when people were? Create an alert for the use of these features and give your team the chance to save at-risk accounts.

SaaS Product Engagement Alert #10: Cancellations

Ok, it happens, not all accounts can be won. We know it’s tempting to pretend it doesn’t, but this is a great opportunity to learn what you can do better. The moments after an account cancels are prime time opportunities for feedback. The battle might be lost, but don’t lose your chance to collect the game-winning move.

Ready to start winning the game of SaaS?

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