Make HubSpot Smarter with Sherlock 

Your favorite CRM gets a smart layer thanks to Sherlock’s Product Engagement Metrics. Now your Sales and CS teams can see (and take action based on) how users are engaging with your product during their trial periods — and beyond.

Have they hit first value? Has their engagement dropped since they converted? These are questions you need to be able to answer if you want to win the modern game of SaaS.

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HubSpot workflows get smarter with Sherlock traits

With Sherlock and HubSpot, you can automate your outreach and task management based on user engagement. Has a user recently hit first value? Use Activation as a HubSpot workflow property to automatically change their lifecycle stage. Has a user’s engagement dropped? Trigger a task so you don’t lose them.

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Now featuring 2-Way Sync and Account-Level Data Mapping

Use your Sherlock data in HubSpot and your HubSpot data in Sherlock. Account-level insights included. Most other tools make it hard to align account-based data, but we intelligently map and update user and account-level engagement.

Seamless operations? Done.

activation product engagement alert


Forecast likelihood to close with more accuracy

SaaS revenue forecasting can be tricky. How likely is it that a deal will close? Often, there is a gap between expectation and reality in answering this question. Create HubSpot reports that fill that gap with product engagement insights and watch every Sales meeting go from “I think” to “Here’s what we’re going to do.”

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So what are these “Smart Metrics” anyway?


Getting them to sign up for a free trial is step one, but if you want to take them to forever, you’re going to need to show them value. Enter Activation: a checklist that tells you how far a user or account has progressed towards becoming a Product Qualified Lead, i.e. hitting first value.

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Want to spot churn threats, upsell opportunities and stay on top of your business? You need to understand how users are engaging with your product and you need to know how it’s changing over time. What you don’t need is a data scientist. Excellent!

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New feature? Old feature? Your product is made up of features, some more important than others. Understand how and what users are adopting within your product and empower your customer-facing SaaS teams to drive feature adoption (that’s what keeps users coming back).

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Trigger HubSpot emails based on Sherlock traits

Speaking of automation, you can trigger HubSpot emails based on a user’s engagement. Say you have a user who just adopted your brand new feature (congratulations, by the way). You can set up HubSpot to automatically send them an on-boarding email. That leaves more time for your CS team to chase down those churn threats.

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Start winning the game of SaaS with a smarter CRM

The game’s afoot! Do you have a way to make your favorite CRM smart enough to win? Your competitors do. Join them, won’t you?