Meet Pete. Pete is a salesman at a modern SaaS business.

Pete is a modern SaaS salesman!

Pete is amazed!
Marketing has brought him many, many leads.
Pete can’t wait to close all these deals. So many deals.
“All these leads signed up for our trial,” Marketing said. “They’re definitely qualified.”

Pete is amazed at all the leads Marketing sent him

“Ok.” Pete is on-board with the idea of qualified leads.
“Go get ‘em, Pete,” Marketing said. “Close those deals!”

If Marketing says they’re qualified, why not!

Pete emails one of the trials. They don’t remember signing up.
He tries another: “What do you do again?” They didn’t even know what his modern SaaS business did!
Doesn’t sound like they love us. Pete is unimpressed.

Pete wonders how supposedly qualified leads don’t even know what the product does

Pete has spent too many days trying to chase all these trial leads.
So many trial leads, so little success.
Pete is a SaaS salesman, but he is not a happy SaaS salesman.
Pete is a frustrated SaaS salesman.
He doesn’t know what to do. None of these trials he are working out.

Pete is frustrated calling bad trials

Finally, Pete connects with an account that has used the product.
They have gotten themselves set up and added three other users.
They are happy. They convert to paid.
Pete is happy.
Pete wants to find more trials like this. Pete wants to find all the trials like this.

Finally, someone that gets it! Pete is so happy 🙂

He did a Google search to find a solution. There must a way to find our best trials.
Pete believes.

Find your PQLs with Sherlock

Skip the Googling.
Try Sherlock today

Pete meet Sherlock.

Sherlock is a tool for modern SaaS businesses.
Do you work at a modern SaaS business, Pete?

Pete does work at a SaaS business!

You do!?
Sherlock is for you.
Find trial leads that are actually product qualified. Have them delivered to Slack.
Do you have Slack, Pete?
You can have your product qualified leads delivered other places, too! HubSpot? Slack? A CRM?
You like that, huh Pete?

Pete likes the sound of that!

Pete is excited.
He has finally found a smart way to prioritize his SaaS trial leads.
Now, Pete will close deals. Many, many deals.