Automated emails for Product-Led Teams

Trying to scale your product-led outreach? Look no further. Sherlock’s Outreach is the first automated email solution that allows product-led teams to scale their personal interactions with their trial and paid accounts.
The missing piece of the product-led operation has arrived.

High touch without the high headcount. Scale your product-led operations.

Product-led teams need an email solution that delivers a high-touch experience without the high headcount. With Outreach by Sherlock, you can automate personalized emails — from your reps — targeting specific accounts based on their Engagement, Activation, and more. This is the email solution modern SaaS teams have been waiting for.

Target key users on key accounts

With Sherlock Outreach, you can send emails to the right people without needing to find them first. Want to send an onboarding checklist to the most engaged user on a trial account? We got you. Want to promote a feature to users on top accounts who haven’t tried a premium feature? We can do that. What about a save-the-account email to the last active user on a big account? Done.
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Dynamic engagement checklists drive better adoption

Insert relevant engagement right in the body of your emails. Push trial accounts toward activation by letting them know what they need to do next — dynamically. No more painstaking research — let Sherlock do the work for you!

No fear with drafts

Avoid potentially awkward automated messages by choosing to save messages as drafts. Want to add some flavor before sending? Need to tweak some of the copy based on a recent conversation with the customer? Just nervous and want to approve every message? This feature was built for you. Save your emails as drafts and let Sherlock work like your personal assistant.
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It’s time to get emails built for product-led teams