How Atomized Saves Time and Understands Account Engagement

With Jon Lee, President

Atomized is a marketing visualization and collaboration platform for brand and agency teams with staging, planning and workflow capabilities. They enable teams to visualize workflows across their editorial, branding and communication calendars. They count Delta Airlines, Panasonic, and New Balance among their many accounts.


“We tried everything…”

Atomized is a small team, almost completely bootstrapped and focused on growing. Everyone on the team has multiple responsibilities and they want to ensure they’re spending their most valuable resource – time – as effectively as possible.

“With a small team and limited resources our goal is to automate as much as possible. Anything that allows us to spend less time on manual processes is a win.”

Sound familiar?

An area they were constantly looking to improve was understanding the product engagement levels of their users and accounts to know who was engaged, who wasn’t and where the team should be spending their time. They tried a few solutions.

Initially, they used Pendo and while it is a good tool for Customer Success it wasn’t giving them the product engagement insights they needed – plus they felt it was just too expensive. They even looked at Gainsight, Totango and Salesmachine, but with all of them the costs were too high for the value they received.

When those solutions didn’t work, they took another approach and got creative using a patchwork of tools including Amplitude, FullStory and SQL. They could manually search for users – even groups of users by email domain to create ‘accounts’ – and look at feature usage, watch user sessions and have an idea of engagement.

But there was no scoring, no ranking, no measuring, it wasn’t consolidated and ultimately didn’t do the job.

Then they found Sherlock.

How Atomize Uses Sherlock

Atomized began using Sherlock on a free trial and quickly became a customer. They finally found an efficient and effective way to understand product engagement across their users, accounts and segments. Sherlock account engagement scores give Atomized an immediate understanding of how an account is performing over time and which accounts Customer Success needs to prioritize. With a small team, Sherlock tells them where they should be allocating their time.

Customer account profiles

“What Sherlock allows us to do is to efficiently look at where we need to spend our precious time in assessing account engagement. Something that used to take 2 or 3 tools and was very manual can now be answered by glancing at the Sherlock dashboard.”

They’ve also taken advantage of Sherlock ‘Destinations’, our integrations with tools such as Slack, Intercom and Salesforce. Atomized is using Sherlock’s Slack and Intercom integrations – allowing CS to be alerted at important moments and enabling them to pull engagement insights straight from those tools. “Interacting with the Slack bot is great,” says Jon. This saves the team time, tells them where to focus and make better decisions.

Sherlock has become a key tool in Atomized’s ‘Product Engagement Stack’. It gives them a ranked list of account engagement so they can see who is succeeding, who isn’t and alerts them when there are significant changes in engagement.

Customer account engagement data easily available at your fingertips

Sherlock powers your entire organization

Customer Success
Prioritize and manage accounts more effectively

Understand which features are driving engagement

Uncover trial accounts that are ready to purchase

CEO & founders
See changes in engagement daily and over time