Sherlock for Sales

Do you know which leads in your pipeline are product-qualified? With Sherlock, you do.

Get a ranked list of Activated trials (those are the ones that convert.)

With Sherlock, you get a list of your accounts ranked by Activation so you know who’s a product qualified lead and who’s just wasting your time. Bonus: see which user is the most engaged on any given trial account so you know who to call when the trial is over. (Clue: Not the Ghostbusters)

You set the Activation criteria

Your product is unique. We get it. A half-baked, one-size-fits-all solution won’t work for you. With Sherlock, you choose the events that make someone Activated. We give you a list of your most Activated accounts. It’s. That. Simple.

See how close trials are to their “aha” (moment)

Getting value from your product isn’t like flipping a switch. It’s a process, See how far along your trials are and what they still have to do to get all the way there
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When the sales team calls product qualified leads, customers typically
convert at about 25 to 30%
Tomaz Tungaz
Partner @ Redpoint Ventures
Everything you need to know about product qualified leads
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Get alerts when new accounts become Activated

You’re busy chasing the PQLs you already know about, but accounts become activated every minute! With Sherlock Alerts, there’s no need to hit refresh. New PQLs are delivered right to your Slack channels so you can reach out at the best time — now.

Sherlock Stories:
Let Sherlock do the Research for You

Skip the tables, charts and graphs and let Sherlock’s AI tell you what your PQLs have been doing in your product.
We’ll deliver your product engagement insights in a digestible, humanized format so you can save time for more important things (like that list of things you and your client can bond over.)

Connections where you need them

Let’s be honest: your teams are attached to their workflows. That’s why Sherlock integrates scores wherever you need them (Intercom, Salesforce, Hubspot, we’ve got it).

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