Sherlock breaks down silos so your team works together

Everyone comes together around one concept — Product Engagement. It’s metrics tell you how your accounts and users are doing from Product Qualified Leads all the way through up-sells and churn reduction. Mastering the SaaS revenue lifecycle has never been so easy.

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Convert Leads

Sales takes them from trial to paid

Retain Customers

CS onboards and engages

Expand Accounts

Sales & CS tag-team to grow revenue

Sales takes them from Trial to Paid

Steps to success: Find Product Qualified Leads by setting Activation criteria. Offer a free trial. Give users some breathing room to play with your product. (Bonus: Get alerted when they’ve reached product qualified status). Reach out. Close. Ring the gong.

Find leads that will convert

We’re talking about product qualified leads. Sherlock alerts you when accounts are are Activated so your sales team is focusing on the right trials. Exceedingly remarkable: See which user is the most engaged on any given trial account so you know who to call when the trial is over. (Clue: Not the Ghostbusters)

score decrease product engagement alert
score increase product engagement alert

Know what features to pitch

Track which features your future customers are interacting with during their free trial period. You’ll see what they care about (and what they don’t care about) so you’ll know what to talk about (and what to not talk about).

Customer Success Onboards and Engages

New user? Make sure they love the product. New feature? Make sure everyone’s using it. Your Customer Success team needs to know how users and accounts are engaging with your product so they know what gaps need to be filled and how they can keep the important people happy (hint: those are the users).

activation product engagement alert

Onboard New Users

New account or new users on an existing account — your Customer Success team needs to know what onboarding tasks to focus on so users get the most out of your product.

Drive New Feature Adoption

New feature just came out. Old feature is killer. Either way, features make your product irresistible. See who’s adopting what so you know where to focus your support.

Stop Churn & Identify Risk

Churn — avoidance only makes it worse. Get ahead of your churn threats by setting up alerts that will tell you when an account’s engagement score drops.

SaaS is account-based. Is your product engagement data?

“I see the account-based side of things as a glaring unknown in other products I’ve worked with so it was really great to find a product where I could see the whole picture.”

Wes Bush, Product-Led Institute

Sales and CS work together to up-sell

You found your product qualified leads, sent them to sales and closed. The gong is still ringing. You kept your Customer Success team on top of their engagement. Churn is lower than ever.

Now it’s time to increase MRR even more by upselling those who already love your product. Use Sherlock to pinpoint users and accounts that are exceptionally engaged, reach out with new features and start the cycle all over again.

segment product engagement alert

That’s SaaS conversion done right