Sherlock for Product

Empower your go-to-market teams by bringing them the product data they need - in the way they can actually use it.

Easily track adoption rate

See which users and accounts are adopting key features over time. You’ll know when someone needs help with on-boarding, if a new feature is killing it (especially with your power users), or if you need to make some changes.

Account-based analytics - finally!

Traditional product analytics platforms operate at the user-level, but SaaS businesses are account-based businesses. They need account-based analytics. Sherlock reports and the account AND user-level by default.

Identify your most engaging events

Sherlock not only scores your users and accounts - it scores each of your events as well. Get an understanding of which of your features are driving your most engaged accounts.

Is your sales, CS, and marketing team constantly
looking for better product data? 

They should be.

Product is the heart of a product-led business. And product data is its lifeblood. Your entire go-to-market operation is dependent on this data to do their jobs well. With Sherlock, you can get them the data they need, where they need it, in a format which they can use.

Become the hero of your entire operation.
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The simplification of creating an engagement score across users and accounts has helped our product team
communicate user engagement across the company.
Michael Donovan,
SVP of Product @Aquicore

Activation funnels to help guide your onboarding work

With Sherlock Activation funnels, you will identify the sticking points in your Activation process.
Everything you need to know about product qualified leads
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Data where they need it

Don't spend your time trying to customize your CRM and other tools to accept your product data. Let Sherlock do that work for you.

With your custom connections, your team will have essential engagement data where they live on a daily basis.