It's like a credit score for
SaaS product

Product data is the lifeblood of every SaaS business. Scoring product engagement gives this data the context it needs to be helpful for the entire organization.

Sherlock scores engagment for both users and accounts

Too many solutions report at the user or account level. But you need to understand engagement at both to operate effectively.

Don't create blind spots when you don't need to.
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Simple set-up. 
Get value in minutes - not weeks.

It shouldn't take weeks of complicated set-up to make your product data actionable. With Sherlock, you can be up, running, and seeing value in minutes.
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Track engagement over-time

Stale health scoring is missing the point.

With Sherlock's product engagement scoring engine, you can build essential signals based on engagement trends.
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scoring product engagement
7 Reasons every SaaS business should be scoring product engagement
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Take your entire operation to the next level with a strong product engagement scoring solution. You can win without it - it will just be much harder.