Finally, a tool SaaS teams can agree on 

Everyone comes together around one concept — Product Engagement. Its metrics tell you how your accounts and users are doing so your customer-facing teams have everything they need to take customers from trial to forever.

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Easily see what’s going on

 Understand your star users and accounts. You’ll see if they’re activated, engaged, or if they’ve adopted that brand-spanking new feature you’re so excited about.

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Sherlock Stories:
Humanized product engagement insights

Let Sherlock do the thinking for you. Our singular AI analyzes your product engagement data and generates a custom story for each account. It’s complete with account highlights and actionable advice so your customer-facing teams know exactly what to do.

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As we shifted our approach from pure enterprise to product led, Sherlock was the perfect fit for us. We’re rethinking out entire stack with Sherlock at the center.” 
Nick Stephenson, CEO at xapiapps

Easily score engagement

You tell us what’s important, we tell you how well your product is doing. Exceedingly remarkable! Even better: you can track engagement over time and by account.

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Easy segmentation

Sherlock makes it easy to create and access key account & user segments. Track your on-boarding accounts, mature accounts, at-risk accounts, and more with custom segmentation. Bonus: See segments in all your other tools (like Intercom).

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Easy to find information

Get Sherlock’s singular product engagement metrics where you need them (Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, we’ve got it). Convert activated prospects, expand engaged customers, or educate slow adopters — using the workflow your team is already familiar with.



You need to know what to say when. And to whom.
Our Intercom integration will help you get there. Bonus: Works with Inbox

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Slack Alerts

They’re collaborative and fully customizable (none of that instant, one-size-fits-all stuff), so you stay focused on what matters.

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Segmentation? Workflows? Filters? Use singular product engagement insights in HubSpot and make everyone’s favorite CRM smarter

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Easily track activation rate

New sign-up? Set customized activation criteria so you know when someone’s stuck or reaches product qualified status. See your leads ranked by activation and push that information wherever you need it. (Do I hear a distant gong ring?)

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Easily track adoption rate

See which users and accounts are adopting key features over time. You’ll know when someone needs help with on-boarding, if a new feature is killing it (especially with your power users), or if you need to make some changes.

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Start winning the game of SaaS today

The game’s afoot! Do you have a PQL process in place? What about a system to increase MRR? Your competitors do. Join them, won’t you?