Finally, a tool Sales & Customer Success can agree on 

Everyone comes together around one concept — Product Engagement. Its metrics tell you how your accounts and users are doing so your customer-facing teams have everything they need to take customers from trial to forever.

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Easily see what’s going on

 Understand your star users and accounts. You’ll see if they’re activated, engaged, or if they’ve adopted that brand-spanking new feature you’re so excited about.

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Easily score engagement

You tell us what’s important, we tell you how well your product is doing. Exceedingly remarkable! Even better: you can track engagement over time and by account.

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Easy segmentation

Sherlock makes it easy to create and access key account & user segments. Track your on-boarding accounts, mature accounts, at-risk accounts, and more with custom segmentation. Bonus: See segments in all your other tools (like Intercom).

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Easy to find information

Get Sherlock’s singular product engagement metrics where you need them (Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, we’ve got it). Convert activated prospects, expand engaged customers, or educate slow adopters — using the workflow your team is already familiar with.



You need to know what to say when. And to whom.
Our Intercom integration will help you get there. Bonus: Works with Inbox

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Slack Alerts

They’re collaborative and fully customizable (none of that instant, one-size-fits-all stuff), so you stay focused on what matters.

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Segmentation? Workflows? Filters? Use singular product engagement insights in Hubspot and make finding your product qualified leads as easy as ever

Easily track activation rate

New sign-up? Set customized activation criteria so you know when someone’s stuck or reaches product qualified status. See your leads ranked by activation and push that information wherever you need it. (Do I hear a distant gong ring?)

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Easily track adoption rate

See which users and accounts are adopting key features over time. You’ll know when someone needs help with on-boarding, if a new feature is killing it (especially with your power users), or if you need to make some changes.

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Start winning the game of SaaS today

The game’s afoot! Do you have a PQL process in place? What about a system to increase MRR? Your competitors do. Join them, won’t you?