Make your operations smarter with Sherlock

Ready to take your product engagement data to the next level? Just getting started with product engagement scoring? We’ve got a plan for you.

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Make your stack smarter with integrations

Close leads who are ready to buy with account & user engagement scores

Provide better support and messaging with account & user engagement scores

Get notifications whenever key accounts or users change their engagement

Send engagement scores to hundreds of integrations through Segment

Optimize onboarding flows based on account or users engagement scores

“Prior to Sherlock, we tried many different options for hacking engagement scores. Nothing really worked. Now we have it accurately, immediately, for the whole team.”

Jon Lee, President & CTO at Atomized

Frequently asked questions

What counts as an active user? 
An active user is a user who has triggered any event in any calendar month.

What happens if I go over the monthly active user allotment for my plan?
You will be charged an overage charge based on your tier. For Watson plans, the charge is $8.00/100 MAUs over your plan allotment. For Mycroft plans, you will be charged $6.00/100 MAUs and for Sherlock plans, the charge is $4.00/100 MAUs.

What are destinations?
Destinations are what allow you to connect your engagement scores and segments with other tools. Currently, you can connect your Sherlock scores with Segment, Intercom, Salesforce, Slack, and Appcues.

What is account-based scoring? 
Account-based scoring is what allows you to score the engagement level of your Accounts. This is very important functionality for any B2B SaaS business.

Can I pay for an annual plan on a monthly basis? 
Unfortunately, no. Annual plans offer a discount on the monthly rate, but must be paid in advance.