Do all your teams have one metric to rally behind? They should. It’s called Product Engagement.

Break down silos and rally your teams behind what matters — product engagement

Sherlock’s engagement metrics tell you what’s working for which users (and what’s not!) They’re easy to communicate across departments. What’s more — they focus on how the user is engaging with your product, so when your teams act on product engagement metrics, they are always acting for the user.

Give all your teams visibility into what’s going on with your product

With features like Slack Alerts and Stories, it’s easy to keep all your teams informed on how users and accounts are engaging with your product.
The simplification of creating an engagement score across users and accounts has helped our product team
communicate user engagement across the company.
Michael Donovan,
SVP of Product @Aquicore

Use engagement to drive product decisions

When you make product decisions based on how users are actually engaging with your product, you make product decisions that benefit the user. Do you know what that means? They’re happy, and your business is happy because they stuck around.

Product engagement insights, right at your fingertips

You’re busy. We get it. That’s why Sherlock’s engagement metrics are designed to come to you and your team. Whether it’s Slack or Salesforce, we live where your team already lives.

Are you ready to align your SaaS operations around Product Engagement?