How to get PQLs delivered

Sign up, set up and start getting PQLs delivered to your Sales team. You’ll create a custom engagement scoring model as part of the setup so you’ll already be on your way to monitoring accounts for the long haul.  

Connect with Sherlock

It’s exceptionally easy if you’re already using Sign up for a free trial and click the button to connect Segment. Done!

Don’t have Segment? Very well. Just use our API.

Create an Engagement Score & define Activation criteria

Start scoring product engagement by ranking the individual events based on level of importance. Excellent!

Don’t forget to define your unique Activation criteria and set up an Account Activation checklist in Sherlock. Once you do, Activation rates will be displayed as a percentage — the higher it is, the more likely you have a product qualified lead.

See your PQLs and more!

Once you’ve set your scoring model, you can immediately access a list of your users and accounts ranked by their engagement level, drill down to individual profiles, and find out which accounts are PQLs.

Send PQLs and scores directly to your team’s existing workflow

Sherlock scores wherever you need them (Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, we’ve got it). Convert activated prospects, expand engaged customers, or educate slow adopters — using the workflow your team is already familiar with.

Learn more about our Slack Alerts >>