How Sherlock works

With a few simple steps, you can create a custom engagement scoring model for your product that gives your product data the essential context it needs to be useful across your SaaS organization.  

Connect with Sherlock

Connecting your data to Sherlock is very simple. Right now, we only accept data via

If you are already connected with Segment, you can start sending data to Sherlock with a single click.

Create your engagement score

This is where it gets very exciting.

With Sherlock, you create custom engagement scores by simply rating each one of your important product actions.

Sherlock then does the rest.

Behold your engagement insights!

Once you’ve set your scoring model, you can immediately access a list of your users and accounts ranked by their engagement level, drill down to individual profiles, and start tracking your product engagement over time.

Ship engagement scores to your tools

Sherlock scores will quickly become essential to your operations. Automatically push scores and segments to your other tools to power your entire organization.

Sherlock powers your entire organization

Customer Success
Prioritize and manage accounts more effectively

Understand which features are driving engagement

Uncover trial accounts that are ready to purchase

CEO & founders
See changes in engagement daily and over time

Product insights you need to run your SaaS business

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