How it works

You shouldn’t need to be a data scientist to understand your product engagement.

Step 1: Connect with Sherlock

Connecting your data to Sherlock is very simple. Right now, we only accept data via

If you are already connected with Segment, you can start sending data to Sherlock with a single click.

Step 2: Create your engagement score

This is where it gets very exciting.

With Sherlock, you create custom engagement scores by simply rating each one of your important product actions.

Sherlock then does the rest.

Step 3: Behold your engagement insights!

Once you’ve set your scoring model, you can immediately:

  • Access a list of your users – ranked by their engagement level
  • Uncover a list of your accounts – ranked by engagement
  • Dig into the engagement of specific users
  • Start tracking your product’s engagement over time
  • Compare the engagement of custom segments
  • Start shipping Sherlock scores to your other tools
  • And more!

Don’t let engagement be a guessing game.