Empower your Customer Success team with all the answers they need

Prioritize and manage customers more effectively with essential product engagement data on every user and account. Finally all the answers your CS team needs to do their job well. 

Get engagement insights on every user & account Stop guessing how your users and accounts are using your product. It’s all right here.

Discover which users are most engaged on every account

Simplify your expansion and account management efforts by instantly discovering which users are driving engagement on every account.

Easily create and access key account & user segments Track your onboarding accounts, mature accounts, at-risk accounts, and more with custom segmentation.

Send Sherlock engagement scores to Intercom

Sherlock scores will quickly become essential to your operations. Automatically push scores and segments to Intercom to trigger automated messaging or enhance your support efforts.

“We’ve been talking about the need for something like this in Intercom for years and now it’s a reality! Congrats to the team at Sherlock. Killer app for Intercom right here. ”

Matt Hodges, VP Product at Intercom

Sherlock powers your entire organization

Customer Success Prioritize and manage accounts more effectively

Product Understand which features are driving engagement

Sales Uncover trial accounts that are ready to purchase

CEO & founders See changes in engagement daily and over time

Product insights you need to run your SaaS business