Sherlock for Customer Success

Want to be more proactive in your CS practice? With Sherlock, you can.

Everything you need to discover which accounts need help (and which don’t)

Slipping account? Get them to fall in love with the product again. Superstar users? Leverage them for an upsell. Your Customer Success team needs to know how users and accounts are engaging with your product so they know what gaps need to be filled and how they can keep the important people happy (hint: those are the users).

Product Engagement — Humanized

Our singular AI analyzes your product engagement data and generates a custom story for each account. It’s complete with account highlights and actionable advice so your customer-facing teams know exactly what to do.
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I love the weighting in Sherlock. Other platforms only show if an event happened.
Sherlock means we have a realistic, real-time, understanding of what our customers are doing.
Chrissie Smith
Head of Operations @HANDS HQ

Product engagement alerts when you need them

Your customer success team is busy helping users. There’s no time to search for (or through) tables full of numbers. Good thing we have real time Slack alerts. For your real team. Where they really live.

Connections where you need them

Let’s be honest: your teams are attached to their workflows. That’s why Sherlock integrates scores wherever you need them (Intercom, Salesforce, Hubspot, we’ve got it).