Sherlock case study: Elucidat

See how Sherlock powers Elucidat's entire product-led growth operation.

"We simply could not have managed our move to a product-led model without Sherlock. We realized that a successful product-led business is more than just product. The entire go-to-market team needs to be informed and act on product data. Sherlock has been a godsend."

- Ian Bloom, Product-led growth lead

Elucidat is a market-leading e-learning solution for organizations around the world. Historically, they ran a traditional, sales-led operation, selling into large corporations. But in 2019, they decided to broaden their potential market with a product-led growth offering . They looked to Sherlock to help drive a smooth transition.

Why Sherlock?

As the Elucidat team ramped up their transition from purely sales-led, to a product-led model, the realized that their existing analytics solution wasn't providing them the insights they needed nor was it providing them a way to connect this data with their go-to-market teams in a way that would help them drive the business.

  • Score engagement for all their trial and paid accounts
  • Track activation progress of all new accounts
  • Drive Product Qualified Lead process for new trial accounts - notifying sales team when account is ready for a conversation
  • Keep CS team on top of key, priority signals with existing customer base
  • Trigger essential marketing campaigns based on specific engagement points via Hubspot connection


More accounts per rep

With Sherlock, Elucidat has:


Higher trial conversion


Visibility into account-engagement

Transition to Product-led

Elucidat had the same problems as any SaaS business moving to a product-led model. They knew that this transition was more than just a product problem. They had an existing sales, CS, and marketing operation that need to make the transition as well. They needed a system for generating key metrics that could power these teams as well as a way to keep them connected through their CRM and marketing tools.

Sherlock to the rescue

With Sherlock, the Elucidat team has been able to align their entire go-to-market teams with relevant data on how their new and existing accounts are engaging with their product. Prioritizing their work through Sherlock has allowed them to double the number of accounts that each sales and CS rep was managing and has helped them more than double conversion rates on  initial sales.

Initially, Elucidat thought that Sherlock was be a solution for their product team, but since using Sherlock, their entire go-to-market operation (marketing, sales, CS) has come to depend on Sherlock for their day-to-day work. Sherlock is the only solution that the company has expanded during the pandemic.