Slack has quickly become the portal by which we access everything important to our business. When we need someone or something having to do with our day-to-day operations, we look to Slack first.

So, why shouldn’t you be able to access user product engagement data right from Slack.

Well, you should. And now you can. By connecting your Sherlock account to your Slack team, you will be able to search for Sherlock engagement scores right from any Slack channel and receive daily updates on your Sherlock segments;

Search for Users from Slack

By integrating Sherlock with Slack, you will install the Sherlock Slackbot into your workspace.

integrate account and user engagement scores into slack

Cute, isn’t he?

This means you will be able to interact with Sherlock from Slack by using a /sherlockcommand in any Slack channel.

Currently, you can look up user scores from Slack by searching by email address. To do this, go to any Slack channel and enter:

/sherlock show {email address}

You can enter a full or partial email address to get back results. It will look like this:

With this command, you will get back a list of results matching your search. It will contain users, their product engagement scores as well as their trend from the previous period.

*Pro tip: If you want to find product engagement scores for users on a specific account, use their email domain in your search (ie — This will give you a list of all users on that account.

Sherlock Daily Updates

When you connect Sherlock to Slack, you will also select a channel in which you would like Sherlock to receive daily updates. These daily updates will display all your Sherlock segments and any new users who have entered those segments.

You can see the new users in each segment by clicking the List by segment button in the Slack message.

Connecting with Slack

Connecting with Slack is easy. All you need to do is click Destinations on the top right of your Sherlock account and select Connect to Slack .

From there you will need to select a Slack channel for your daily updates and turn it live.