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Sherlock Feature: Multiple Scoring Profiles

By Product updates

Measuring product engagement is, in some ways, a nuanced game. Especially if you want to do it right — if you want to do it at a level that makes it as helpful and actionable as possible. One of the nuances of the engagement scoring game is the fact that different groups of users (or accounts) engage with your product in different ways. In fact, in many cases, this is by design! Different groups of users are supposed to engage with your product in different ways. Most likely NOT a reflection of your user base. For example: New users do things during...

Sherlock Integrations: Slack


Slack has quickly become the portal by which we access everything important to our business. When we need someone or something having to do with our day-to-day operations, we...

Sherlock Integrations: Intercom


Your Customer Success team simply must have ready access to information about the engagement levels of their accounts and individual customers. Without it, they are pretty much operating in...