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Is Account-Based Engagement a Blind Spot in Your SaaS Business?

By Product engagement SaaS Insights

Engagement is everything. Find out how to begin tracking and assessing account-based engagement, and how to leverage these insights across your business. The Power of Account-Based Engagement Insights “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” ― Sherlock Holmes, The Boscombe Valley Mystery By and large, SaaS businesses are account-based businesses. Most SaaS companies don’t build or sell products that are intended to be used by a single user—they build and sell products that are intended to be used by a collection of users, teams…people across an entire organization. In short, SaaS products are built for accounts. In SaaS:...

Sherlock Integrations: Slack


Slack has quickly become the portal by which we access everything important to our business. When we need someone or something having to do with our day-to-day operations, we...

Sherlock Integrations: Intercom


Your Customer Success team simply must have ready access to information about the engagement levels of their accounts and individual customers. Without it, they are pretty much operating in...