We help SaaS companies leverage their engagement data to drive operations.

At Sherlock, we believe that product engagement is the lifeblood of every SaaS business. We also believe that in a modern SaaS operation, how users and accounts are engaging with your product is essential for driving action across your entire organization – from Sales, to Product, to CS, and beyond. This data needs to be accessible, consumable, and actionable. We are here to make sure this happens for SaaS companies everywhere.

Our Values

A company is a complex ecosystem. We can only achieve great things through the highest levels of deliberate collaboration

Creativity is the key to differentiation – and the fuel that powers us.

While we all contribute differently based on our different roles and our strengths, we stay connected to our common goals

Caring – about our customers, about each other, about our product, about our community – is a base requirement for working at Sherlock.

Our Investors

Sherlock powers your entire organization

Customer Success Prioritize and manage accounts more effectively

Understand which features are driving engagement

Uncover trial accounts that are ready to purchase

CEO & founders
See changes in engagement daily and over time

Product insights you need to run your SaaS business