Everything’s changed. The world is product-led now. Bring focus and clarity to your operations with Sherlock’s Product Engagement Scoring engine. Now that’s Sherlock Smart.

The first and only
Product Engagement Scoring Platform

From messy product data to actionable insights.
It’s not magic, it’s Sherlock

Sherlock helps your teams take customers from trial to forever

Understandable account-based engagement insights to drive the entire customer lifecycle


Don’t you wish you knew which leads in your pipeline were product-qualified?

Got a free trial or freemium version? Track activation during the trial period to identify product qualified leads. (Those are the ones that convert.)

Sherlock is great! We use it to track engagement and activation across all of our trial and paid accounts.” 
Kamil Rejent, CEO at Survicate

(Smart fellow, that! He knows how to get product qualified leads.)

Customer Success

Want to be more proactive in your CS practice?

You don’t need another CRM. You certainly can’t settle for static health scoring. Modern Customer Success teams need to be proactive to stay ahead of churn and actually drive growth.


Do all your teams have one metric to rally behind?

Product engagement is the lifeblood of your SaaS business. Align your teams to deliver the growth of which you dream.

Are you ready to align your SaaS operations around Product Enagement?